My name is Ron Tester and I help people like you who own senior service businesses get more clients, even if you hate marketing and selling.  With a self-supporting system to grow your business, you can build a profitable business that meets your financial goals while giving you back your time and your life.

Almost 2 decades ago, I started my first business. And believe me, it was a real struggle. As Michael E. Gerber would say, I knew how to do the work in that business, but I did not know how to run a business that did that kind of work. Although I struggled early on, I eventually built a sustainable business that provides me the freedom and satisfaction I was looking for when I started the business. The freedom to make my own decisions, create the business I had always wanted to work for (but couldn’t find), hire and work alongside great people, etc. Just as important, my business provides me with the freedom to take off when I want—spend time with my family and friends, travel—and know the business is going to flourish even when I’m not around.

As I began working with other senior service business owners, I realized that many were struggling just as I had. They felt overwhelmed by the amount of work they had to do. They didn’t know how to create the right strategies, execute the right tactics, build the right sort of team. Instead of having a self-supporting system to grow their businesses, they were spending money grasping at straws. But it was all haphazard, experiment after failed experiment. I know how frustrating, defeating, and even scary that can be. Having been in their shoes and felt their pain, I vowed that the small business owners I work with would not have to struggle like I did.

I have been working in the senior service industry for almost two decades, both in my own businesses, and consulting with other senior service business owners. I help service business owners work through 4 modules, 16 steps to create a self-supporting system with the right strategies and tactics they need to grow their business. Once the system is in place, I help business owners execute and tweak so their businesses keep growing the right way.

If you are a senior service business owner who wants to create a system that will support you and your business—please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can email me or connect with me on LinkedInFacebook or Twitter.

Ron Tester is a Book Yourself Solid ® Certified Coach.
Created by NY Times bestselling author Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid ® is the premier marketing system for service business owners. Book Yourself Solid ® is a registered trademark of Michael Port & Associates, LLC. Certain materials used by Ron Tester in his products and services may be copyrighted works of Michael Port & Associates, LLC.
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