Simple plan
This plan suitable for ....
Training: Expert advice from me and other senior service professionals as well as other sales and marketing professionals. This will include original content as well as hand-picked, curated articles, videos, PDF’s, etc., to help you market your business and get more clients.
Community: Membership to Our Private Facebook Mastermind Group. You’ll interact with other senior service professionals to share ideas, ask questions, and be challenged to grow your business.
Accountability: Posting/sharing within the Private Facebook Mastermind Group. Sometimes just knowing you’re going to tell someone what’s going on, how you’re doing and the results you’re achieving can spur you to action. You can post accountability requests/updates in the Private Facebook Mastermind Group and receive/give encouragement or a kick in the pants as needed.
All of the above, plus
Training: Monthly “What’s Working Now" Webinars where I will do a deep dive into specific, relevant, actionable ideas to grow your senior service business. You will also receive tools, checklists, action plans and mind maps to help you get results even easier. Webinars will be recorded and be available in your Members’ Area.
Community: Monthly Q & A Calls. We’ll begin the call with a discussion of what’s happening in the market and how you can leverage current trends to help grow your senior service business. Then I’ll answer your specific questions. Calls will be recorded and will be available in your Members’ Area.
Accountability: Email accountability with me.
All of the above, plus
Training: Access to my Book Yourself Solid for Senior Service Providers online course. Learn how to get more clients using the system developed by Michael Port in his groundbreaking New York Times Bestseller Book Yourself Solid, customized for senior service providers.
Community: Quarterly in-person or virtual workshops. These will include instruction, tools, and guidance/feedback from me. You’ll walk away with a 90 Day Plan to keep you focused on meeting or exceeding your biggest business goals.
Accountability: One on One coaching calls. As a Certified Executive Coach, I’ll work with you to eliminate your personal roadblocks and help you achieve the success you’re looking for. Is coaching a magic bullet that guarantees success? Of course not. But successful business people hire a coach because they know they have more inside them, they’re capable of achieving more, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get what they really want. A coach can help you get what you really want faster and easier than you could on your own.




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